Hidden Hills Arts

Flying Trapeze is just as much fun as it looks. Come learn to swing, fly, catch, spot and more. Safety lines, a body harness, and of course a net will allow you to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Flying Trapeze is an appropriate sport for people of all ages and abilities and is the perfect thing to help you face your fears. It can get you into the best shape of your life. (You have to be at least 7 yrs to fly with us)

Bond with family and friends, as you share an amazing, thrilling, and inspirational experience. 

The drop-in class is a great opportunity to check it out and see if you want to get on the track to join the Club. Once you are ready to join the Flying Trapeze Club it will, in all likelihood, change your life. It did for us. Learn more about what to expect on your first day...

Try & Fly Classes  Sundays at 8:30am

*Reservation Required*

‚Äč(210) 775-8106