Hidden Hills Arts

Please note - All participants must have a signed liability release form and adhere to our guidelines in order to fly. Call 210-775-8106 to schedule your event.

Learn to “Fly through the air with the greatest of ease”! During your session, you’ll go through ground school to learn how to take off, then it’s right up the ladder to the flying trapeze! Next you will be shown how to hang by your knees, first on the stationary bar, then up in the air. You will practice the knee hang position for execution and timing, with the intention at the end of the session to make a mid air "catch" with the catcher. *All sessions do not necessarily have the catch portion. We will coordinate, and work this out with you prior to booking. Sessions without catching get more time learning tricks such as the back flip dismount, splits and planche.

Private Lessons & Parties

For adults and children, 7 and over

Cost is $760. Class time is up to 2 hrs. On average class lasts about 90 minutes. We adjust time according to number of participants, in order to assure ample flight time. Call 210-775-8106 or email hiddenhillstrapeze@gmail.com to schedule. Special arrangements can be made groups over 8 participants. Inquire for details.

Though we don't have a party room, you are welcome to bring your own decorations, drinks, cake and goodies. 

Flying Trapeze Parties