We will send out a group email to update on classes, weather etc. (We'll call/text if it's the day of.) This will only go out to Club Members. You should also follow us on Facebook to keep up  with announcements.



We will constantly be improving the club, upgrading the space and doing maintenance on the rig, etc. We welcome your help, unique talents, abilities and ideas. We also appreciate your help for Open Houses and other Events.

Playing it Safe

Safety is everyone's concern and important for everyone to be aware of. There is a pool on the property, so kids must always be supervised. Please speak up if you see anything unsafe, including someone walking under the net etc.​​

Joining the Club

  • You will need to sign our Liability Waiver, Membership Information Form, and provide Proof of Health Insurance.
  • Pay Registration ($30) + Choose Fee Structure ($129/month, $100/month with auto-pay
  • You must be at least 15 years old to join.
  • You must be able to safely take off the platform unassisted. That means you must be comfortable handing yourself the bar, attaching your belt to the safety lines, and you need to be able to do a 1-handed take-off. (We focus on teaching these skills, and more, at our Flying Trapeze Workshop.)

Contact us at 210-775-8106 or email, to let us know you want to get on the track to learn and join the club. Once you have the required skills than you are welcome to join and play regularly with us. 

(Checks must be made out to "Hidden Hills Arts") If you would prefer to pay via monthly autopay on either credit card or echeck (ACH), that option is available for $100/month  (Initial commitment is 3 months, after that you may stop at anytime with 30 days of your monthly contract due date.) 

​About Flying Trapeze Club

We are an amateur flying trapeze club, not a school

Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive space for trapeze enthusiasts. This is not our job, nor do we want it to be, as it is our passion and we want it to remain that way. We are obviously not in this for the money, as way more goes out than comes in.  As you can imagine, there are extensive associated costs for insurance and maintaining equipment, etc. The workshops, parties and events we host, are to offset these costs, so that the club can be self supporting. To be honest, we’d like to be a little less altruistic.

Hidden Hills Arts

Perks for Club Members

  1. If you are the type that likes schedules, we can set up a weekly fly time for you.
  2. You are welcome to come play at other times during the week, as long as we are available. 
  3. You may bring friends to try trapeze for $20, for ground school and 2 swings, You just need to coordinate with us. 
  4. You also get a 48% discount off of standard rate trapeze parties.
  5. You are welcome to hang out and play. This is part of what makes it an extra fun club! We will have an acro space, a static aerial rig, slackline, pool and a spin jam area, and fire pit for s'mores. Also we have the perfect deck for sunset toast.
  6. On occasion, we will have demo performances where you can demonstrate your prowess to you family and friends.
  7. Discounts available for additional family members that want to fly. (Inquire for details)