Level 3 Tricks:

  • Splits (BE)
  • Planche (BE)
  • Bird’s Nest (BE)
  • Whip (BE)
  • Straddle Whip (BE)
  • Hocks Off (BE)
  • Heels Off (BE)
  • Half Turn/Half Turn
  • Uprise/Shoot
  • Penny Roll

Level 1 - 1st Timers

Level 4 Tricks:

  • Shooting Star
  • Cutaway Half Turn
  • Full Twisting Straight Jump
  • Back Hip Circle
  • Jump Mount Shoot
  • Layout
  • Drive Layout
  • Front-end Uprise
  • Forward Over

Level 5 Tricks:

  • Force Out Swing
  • Force Out Turnaround
  • Double Somersault
  • Pirouette
  • Forward Under Somersault
  • Passing Leap 
  • Piggy Hocks
  • Hocks Salto

Working on:

  • good execution of some release/rotating tricks
  • has an effective force out swing
  • return from the catcher to the fly bar and return to the board

Safety Skills:

  • flying without safety lines
  • take off and return to the board without assistance
  • flying some more tricks across to the catcher with no safety lines
  • can get out of a pickle safely
  • learning to pull safety lines

Level 2 Tricks

  • Planche (TP)    

  • Splits (TP)
  • Bird’s Nest (TP)
  • Hock's-off (TP)
  • Whip (TP)
  • Straddle Whip (TP)
  • Heels Off (TP)


Check out the Frequent Flyer Logbook. You get one when you join the club.

Levels and Tricks

Working on:

  • 1-hand take off (with little or no assistance) 
  • warmup swing
  • two position (TP) tricks
  • getting a good push off the catcher

Safety Skills: 

  • flying with safety lines 
  • landing on the net properly with only little help from the line-puller

Working on:

  • whatever the heck they want

Hidden Hills Arts

Level 4

Working on:

  • force-out swing
  • release tricks
  • over the bar tricks
  • rotating tricks
  • push half turn off the catcher to the net 

Safety Skills:

  • flying without lines 
  • take off and return to the board without assistance
  • can fly some basic tricks across to the catcher without safety lines

Trapeze Terms

Level 2

Level 6 - Professional

Level 6 Tricks

  • Passing Leap with Forward Over
  • Double Layout Somersault
  • Double Twisting Layout
  • Double-Double Somersault
  • Full Twisting Double Somersault
  • Double Cutaway Half Twist
  • Full Twisting Foreword Over
  • 1.5 Foreword Over Passing Leap
  • Full Twisting Triple Somersault
  • Double Foreword Over
  • Flifus
  • 2.5 Somersault
  • Triple Somersault 
  • 3.5 Somersault
  • Quadruple Somersault

Level 3

Tricks working on:

  • knee hang
  • two position tricks. 

Safety Skills:

  • assisted take-off
  • learning the proper way to land on the net 
  • fly with safety lines

Level 5

Level 1 Tricks:

  • Climb ladder
  • Face fear of heights
  • Banana swing
  • Knee hang

Working on:

  • back end (BE) tricks 
  • swing turn around back to the board 
  • returning to the bar from the catcher
  • turning to the net when throwing tricks

Safety Skills:

  • can take off the board with no assistance 
  • lands properly in the net with only occasional assistance from the line-puller, 
  • flying with safety lines 
  • self sufficient on the board and learning to help others with their take-off 

LISTO: Means ready in Spanish.
BOARD: Platform that the flyer takes off from
BISCUIT: The board worker taking care of you on the platform and serving the bar
LINE-PULLER: The person you want to be really nice to since they are saving your life by holding the safety lines attached to your belt.
GOOD TAKE OFF: the correct position to leave the board to maintain swing height
TRICK: Maneuver that you do on, or off the bar to the catch
DISMOUNT: The last trick, done to the net (by catcher or flyer)
BREAK: When the flyer kicks their legs backwards before a trick.
NET TRICK: Maneuver that you do after bouncing once in the net
CATCH: The catcher grips  you by the wrists from your trick to swing together.
SWEEP: The motion used during the swing with the lower body to maintain height and power.
SET: Final position like sitting in a chair for a breaking trick.
DRIVE: The final point after the break in which you need to elevate your body into the air to complete your trick.
‘NO LINES’: To fly on the trapeze without safety lines and safety belt.
FLY BAR: This is what is used to fly on the trapeze and weighs 3-8 lbs, Usually a stainless steel bar.
CATCH BAR: The bar that the catcher swings from
RETURN BAR: The bar that is timed and tossed to the person returning from the catcher, back to the platform.
NET RASH: This is when your body slides across the net and gets abraded. Clothing helps prevent this!
RETURN: When you perform a trick to the wrists of a catcher and return back to the fly bar.
‘NO BAR’: Yelled by the people on the board if the return bar will not be on time. You should prepare to dismount to the net.
RISE: A bar used on the platform so that you can take off from a higher point
‘NET…CLEAR!’: Called out as both a question and response to make sure there is no one on or under the net